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Ohto Tintenroller "Horizon" weiß

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  • Ohto Kugelschreiber "Pieni" weiß
Ohto Ballpoint Pen "Pieni" white
Ohto Ballpoint Pen "Pieni" in white

Ballpoint pen by cult manufacturer Ohto from Japan with a very fine mine, which is ideal for both writing and drawing. The pen is 12.5 cm long and weighs only 10 grams. This makes it ideal for traveling.
The pen fits into the tightest pen loops and is the perfect companion for notebooks, calendars and organizers. The shaft is made of painted wood, while the tip, tail and clip are made of aluminum.

The pen comes in four colors: black, white, light blue and orange and is equipped with a fine black lead (0.5mm).
Dimensions about 12.5 x 0.8 cm
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Mine OHT-RFL1-895NP for Ohto ink rollerball "Pieni"

Mine OHT-RFL1-895NP for Ohto ink rollerball "Pieni"