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Masking Tape "Mina Mountain"

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  • Masking Tape "Mina Mountain"
Masking Tape "Mina Mountain"
Masking Tape "Mina Mountain"

Masking tapes are special japanese tapes made of so called washi-paper. They do no only come in beautiful and trendy colors and patterns but also have a semigloss surface. Furthermore they are slightly transparent and have a certain sructure on the surface. Using those tapes is very easy and a lot of fun as you can cut them or rip a piece off, either lengthways or crossways, which ever way you like. This easy handling creates spontaneous and creative looking edges. The tapes stick to any clean surfaces and get into all surface irregularities wonderfully. This makes masking tapes a wonderful choice when crafting and for everyday use. Using those tapes on even surfaces faciliates a fast and clean removal without trace. This freedom makes rearranging and reorganizing easy and fun.

10 m long and 35 mm wide (MTMINA11Z)
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